Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bypassing IE's XSS Filter with HZ-GB-2312 escape sequence

I would like to share IE XSS Filter bypass with escape sequence of HZ-GB-2312 encoding.

To use this vector, we need the target page's Content-Type header which charset is not specified in.

Bypass 1

No user interaction version:

"~[0x0A]" is HZ-GB-2312 escape sequence. It seems that XSS filter makes an exception for "~[0x0A]" .

If Content-Type header has proper charset, it does not work:

On the other hand, if meta tag has proper charset, it still works:

Bypass 2

"~{" is also HZ-GB-2312 escape sequence. We can use this for bypass. We can call same-origin method in string literal.

PoC is here:

Please click the "go" button. You can confirm element.click method is called.

"click" is called from the following code:
<script>var q="";~{valueOf:opener.button.click}//"</script>

Also, you can use "toString":

<script>var q="";~{toString:opener.button.click}//"</script>

That's all. See you next month!


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